My medium is collage, combining hand printed paper with translucent mylar sheets ofsplattered paint and hand cut stencils. I convey the language of abstraction with an array of geometric shapes and patterns within these arrangements. The work joins the luminous qualities of hand-printed etching inkwith the surface addition of colorful plasticsheets and small square panels mounted on the large pieces. My collages are based on a relationship between the geometry of architecture and a two dimensional over-layering curvilinear elements. 

The "Here/Square Series" in dominated by a more rigid grid system with monotype ghosting used to create a second version of some of the images. These pictures appear to reference digital language without any actual use of the computer. The visual dynamic emerges from layeringmultiple runs of transparent and opaque colors on top of each other. I am interested in the illusion of movement in my pictures. 

I am working on a very large piece is called “Scatter”. It is an arrangement of 24 square pieces ranging from 6 x 6 inches to 20 x 20 inches.  They cover the wall in an explosion of angles where in a sideways nod to the title of my last show at A.I.R. nothing is 90 degrees.